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Pulse 300 is designed to give you as much customisation as you need. There are literally 1000's of different package combinations available. Our activity manager allows you to create any number of packages available to your customers online. Manage all your standard activity variables including ticket types, costs and opening times. Below is a list of options and functionality:

Package options include:

Standard Package

The standard packages will include all of your individual activities and their variables such as ticket costs, peak/off peak pricing, price per hour, max attendees and ice skate hire price.

Standard Plus Package

A standard plus package allows you to add extra variables to a standard package including availability, included extras (drink) and date ranges. The standard plus can cross any number of activities in one package.

Party Packages

The party package is based mainly on children's parties. The party has varying costs for single activity, dual activity or all three activity costs (dependant on number of activities at site). All party packages can come with included extra's such as sandwiches.

Combo Package

A combo package allows the administrator to create packages that include a set number of single or multiple activities and extras. E.g. 2 games of bowling, 1 hours of Karaoke plus waitress service and a drink from the bar for £15.99 per person.

Up selling of extras

In the system the administrator can add any number of extras to the system such as drinks, food and waitress service. All these extras can either be included in the price of a ticket or up sold at the conformation stage of a booking.

Extra Register

All extra's ordered can be printed off on the day so that the bar or the kitchen get the heads up on when people are arriving and expecting their included extra's.

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