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Quick easy access to financial data is key to the acceptance of the system by managers and financial departments.

Transaction Reporting.

Generate a report of all money in and out of the online payment gateway. Select a date range and get a true report of the money that would have virtually changed hands that day.

Order Reporting.

Gather data on all orders that have been made on the system. Get reports on orders for specific packages, certain date periods or order type (online customer, back office or walk in).

Lane Usage Report.

Get a report on the lane usage for a given date range based on all the orders in the system.

Debtor Report.

Find out what orders still have outstanding payments with this simple report

Unused Deposits.

Get a quick glimpse of monies in your account that have yet to be redeemed on site by a customer.

Arrival List.

See what orders will be arriving on a specific day simply by entering the date you want into the system.

Report Export.

Export your reports to CSV for importing into excel by your financial staff or managers.

Google Analytics.

Get some of the most advanced visitor tracking available using the Google analytics software.

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