Why Pulse

Pulse 300 is the ONLY fully online activity booking system.

Designed with bowling alleys at its core, Pulse 300 is the ultimate online reservation and booking system for your business. The system is fully configurable to your needs and will grow and change with your business. Pulse 300 is not just a bowling booking system.

Great for your Customers - Online Orders

Capture online orders as well as offline with our web based booking system. Money is taken and paid directly to a merchant of your choice via a payment gateway managed by you. The money goes straight into your bank account.

Great for your Staff - Replace Your Paper Sheet

Our fully online system allows you to drag and drop orders easily with the swipe of a mouse. Lane management has never been this easy – your staff will love it!

Great for Business Management

Take control over everything. Manage your packages, opening times and even website content. Create LIMITLESS system users and use it anywhere! Reporting makes sure you have full control over your business.

MRS Web Solutions have been providing bespoke web based systems for over 15 years. All our systems are built for you and your business. It would be our pleasure to talk with you...

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Online Bowling System - Pulse300